Can Wireless Charging damage my mobile phone?

One of the most common questions asked about wireless charging mobile devices today is, does it damage my mobile phone or impact the future performance of my battery? 

There are a lot views and opinions regarding this topic, but there are NO proven theories that wireless charging will damage your mobile phone or the battery performance. So that being said, what I do recommend is that you follow the device manufacturer’s specifications and directions on how to use and charge your phpne. Most mobile and wireless chargers including the WTX Portable Charger have built-in heat protection and monitoring to help protect and manage charging performance. You should feel comfortable that as long as you’re using qualified and certified wireless charging devices and following the manufacturers specification and directions, there should be no impact or harm caused when wirelessly charging your device.

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Using non-approved or non-certified wireless chargers on the other hand, may be harmful to your phone. This includes screen, battery and possibly circuitry damage as a result of over heating. As explained in previous blogs, most wireless chargers work on technology called resonance or induction. Simply put, this is energy being generated by vibrations between the copper induction coils in you phone and the charger. Whilst most mobile phones have their own built in protection, this is not necessarily the case with all wireless charging devices.

This is why it is so important that you are using reputable chargers like WTX accessories that they are certified and tested to meet the appropriate standards.


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