Long Distance Charge: Fact or Fiction?

I am sure you have read and seen many articles and products claiming to wirelessly charger phones and other devices through organics surfaces such as tables and benchtops? So it this FACT or is the FICTION? Well I am glad to say, it FACT!. Yes, whilst most leading vendors and manufactures only specialise in what known as short distance resonance charging, a number of smaller and niche manufactures saw the opportunity for long distance applications such as table, benchtops etc.
With the increasing popularity and awareness of wireless charging, together with the importance and value consumer put and rely on power for their device, the need for power everyone and all the time, is in demand.

As WiFi revolutionised and monetised cafes, bars, pubs and other public places, so has wireless charge as the need for power is greater than every. Just as you would dine or frequent a café to access WiFi, consumers are doing the same to power of their devices.

This is where long distance wireless charging comes into its own and is fast becoming the charging of choice for public spaces. With many vendors still dictating the cable type you use, the good part about wireless charging is that the standards for the most part are all the same. No messy cables on desks and wondering if the cable input is compatible with your phone, just place it on the surface and presto, it chargers. One of the leading product on the market today is the WTX under bench charger, the InvisiQi. Charging most devices up to 28mm thick, the sleek thin design mounts cleanly and securely under any organic surface, enabling you to simply place your device on the surface with needing and device, disc or charger on top of the surface.

The beauty of this is not cutting, drilling or damaging of your precious surfaces. As we all know, technology move very fast and unlike most of the public chargers in the market that rout into the surface or sit on top, the WTX InvisiQi doesn’t. Therefore, if and when technology changes and advances, you can simply remove or replace it from under the bench with the latest and greatest under bench wireless charger.

So hopefully this help dispel and doubts about relating to under bench or long distance charger. A great technology that is only going to gain momentum and become the charging technology of the future.

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