18W Dual Wall Adaptor (USB-C & A) – AC03


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18W Dual Wall Adaptor (USB-C & A)

The WTX 18W Dual Wall Adaptor charges two devices simultaneously or separately, the WTx Wall Charger has both USB-A and USB-C output port options, allowing you to use the charger with a variety of supported devices. This has an Australian Certified AU 2 flat pin plug, Perfect for all households, offices and workplaces. Providing 18W Fast charge power and the flexibility of USB-A and C connections allows the adaptability depending on what device you are wanting to charge.

Dual Outlet Port

1 x USB-A Outlet Port 18W Dedicated

1 x USB-C Outlet Port 18W Dedicated

Total output 30W

When USB-A & USB-C Ports are used together, each port will provide 15W.

Dual Wall Adapter